Monarch Season is Here

It’s that time of year again, my favorite season, when the Monarch butterflies head home to roost in Michoacan, Mexico.  The first cold front is en route to the Hill Country and we’ve already spotted several of our Monarch friends down Lucky Boy way.  I tagged the season’s first Monarch, a chubby female–JMP#750–on September 2 right from my kayak.   A first!

With the record rains this year we should have plenty of nectar sources.  I’ve seen ample pink milkweed and goldenrod along the Llano River and we even have a new Monarch friendly roosting spot, with the way our pecan tree fell and created a protected structure on the river.

For those of you who plan to join me in my quest to tag 1,000 Monarchs (inspired by my friend Jenny Singleton) in the next six weeks, I suggest you read this great handout from Texas Parks and Wildlife.  It offers a captivating picture of the season. 


One Response to “Monarch Season is Here”

  1. Lisa Marie Gomez Says:

    Hey Monika:

    Great entry! Don’t forget to mention that we witnessed several Brokeback Monarch experiences over the weekend. Wonder if the scientists can explain why two male Monarch would appear to be mating?

    Tim and I had a blast! We hope to go out there again later in the season.

    Take care,


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