Wildlife Rumpus at Lucky Boy Captured

The most exciting thing to happen at Lucky Boy in a long time was the installation of a digital wildlife camera at the Arrowhead Road feeder.  The camera, activated by motion and heat, was a Father’s Day gift for Bob, but it turned out to be a present we all can enjoy.   Check out the slideshow, Lucky Boy Ranch Gone Wild!, a selection from the almost 2,000 photos taken in the first month.

The wild rumpus begins at Lucky Boy Ranch deer feeder.

Who would have thought a wildlife happy hour was unfolding just down the road from the ranchhouse?  Yep, while we kicked back on the porch, pigs, deer, turkeys and raccoons chowed down on scratch, peas, corn and antler mix, just a quarter-mile away.

The set-up would not have been possible without the help of our friend Clint, who picked it up for us at Cabella’s, installed it, and even provided a lesson on how to work it. Thanks, Clint!

Stay tuned for for wild rumpus updates from different Lucky Boy perspectives–the view from the river, a wildlife trail, in front of the ranchouse, and our various feeders. 



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